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 The set of related research efforts is currently in process:  


1. Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Change: Philosophical Foun­dations for Social Life. Focused, mutually coordinated research teams in univer­sity centers prepare studies as part of an integrated philosophic search for self-understanding differentiated by culture and civilization. These evolve more adequate understandings of the person in society and look to the cultural heritage of each for the resources to respond to the challenges both of its own specific contemporary transformation and of meeting all other civilizations in global times. 


2. Seminars on Culture and Contemporary Issues. This series of 10 week crosscultural and interdisciplinary seminars is coordinated by the RVP in Washington.


 3. Joint-Colloquia  with Institutes of Philosophy of the National Academies of Science, university philosophy departments, and societies. Underway since 1976 in Eastern Europe and, since 1987, in China, these concern the person in contemporary society with special attention to their cultural heritage and its progressive application in response to the needs of our times.


 4. Foundations of Moral Education and Character Development.  A study in values and education which unites philosophers, psychologists, social scien­tists and scholars in education in the elabora­tion of ways of enriching the moral content of education and character development. This work has been underway since 1980. 


The personnel for these projects consists of established scholars willing to contribute their time and research as part of their professional commitment to life in contemporary society.










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