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The effect is a global philosophical network as a process of cultural renewal. It initiates sustained coordinated cooperation between philosophers and with allied sciences. Its goal is to uncover and promote the stirrings of the spirit in the many cultures, to share this between peoples, and to contribute thereby to the convergent progress of humankind. By overcoming individualistic self-interest and promoting cooperation, it seeks that deep peace which, surpassing all understanding, has formed the basis of the multiple authentic cultures and must be renewed in new ways in a time of global interchange.


In sum, over the past 30 years the Council for Research in Values and Philosophy has worked with faculties at leading universities and academies of science in some 60 countries. Its effort is to identify the deepest human issues and to bring to bear the appropriate scholarly capabilities for mining the resources of the sciences and cultural traditions for responding to the challenges of building democracy and civil society.


The work is characterized by its professional level, breadth of horizons, and not least by a sense of fraternity that cuts across nationalities, philosophies and cultures. This may account for much of the reason that the Council is invited to participate in the search for what a country wants to stand for. It fosters a sense of common purpose among those who seek ways to strengthen the proper cultural values, beliefs and energies that establish the distinctive character of their society and make it not just rich or powerful, but good.


Throughout all this the goal of the Council is to undergird this with deep scientific discovery and publication which contribute to the social life of humankind in our times.










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