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Matteo Cacchiarelli
niversity of Rome "Foro Italico"

Rome, Italy
Email: m.cacchielli@studenti.uniroma4.itar
Area of major philosophical interest(s): phenomenology, philosophy and ethics, sociology, pedagogy, cultural studies, sport


Alan S. Cajes

Development Academy of the Philippines

Pasig, Philippines

Email: alancajes@yahoo.com

Website: www.dap.edu.ph

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Environmental Philosophy


Mark Joseph Calano

Department of Philosophy

Ateneo de Manila University

Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines 

Email: corfrancesco@yahoo.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Derrida, Taylor, Medieval Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion and Language 


Teresa M. Camarines

Religious and Values Education

De La Salle University

Manila, Philippines

Email: teresa_camarines@yahoo.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Education, Values and Religion


Joel N. Camaya

Philosophy Department

Don Bosco College, Laguna,

Calamba City, Laguna, Philippines

Email: joelsdb@hotmail.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): philosophical anthropology, philosophical psychology, philosophy of history, phenomenology, historiography


Ivan Cardillo

Comparative and European legal studies,  with a research project on the image of China in the European XVIII century legal culture (the concept of natural law, and despotism).

Pignataro Interamna, Frosinone, Italy

Email:  ivan.cardillo@yahoo.it      

Area of major philosophical interest(s):  philosophy of law, the role of the relation between law and traditional values in the process of globalization, Chinese philosophy and Chinese law. 


John Carney

Political Science Department

Manhattanville College

Purchnse, NY

Email: carneyj@mville.edu

Area of major philosophical interest(s): political philosophy, metaphysics


Ellen Cavanaugh

200 Hoenig Road

Sewickley , PA 15143


Area of Major Philosophical Interest(s): Mercy, Pastoral and Moral Formation, Character Formation of Youth and Young Adults, the role of narrative and imagination in moral action.


Mejame Ejede Charley

Scholar Rescue Fund Fellow

Pretoria 0001, South Africa

Email: ejede.mejame@webmail.co.za 

Area of major philosophical interest(s): continental Philosophy(especially Heidegger, Levinas,Sartre,Husserl, phenomenology,Hermeneutics),metaphysics, philosophy and literature, aesthetics, Ethics,


Therese Chbat

Emailing: theresechbat@yahoo.com

Area of philosophical interests: Literature, Theology.  


Munamato Chemhuru

Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

Great Zimbabwe University

Munamato Chemhuru

Masvingo, Zimbabwe

Email: munamatochemhuru@gmail.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Philosophy of language and African Philosophy


Chin Ken Pa

Department of Philosophy and Theology

Christian University


Email: ChinKenPa@yahoo.com.tw

Area of philosophical interests: Philosophy and theology, Critical theology and postmodernism


Dan Chitoiu 

Philosophy Department,

Faculty of Philosophy and Social-Political Sciences

Iaşi, România

e-mail: dan811@yahoo.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Byzantine Philosophy, Christian Phenomenology


John Christopher
Department of Health & Human Development

Montana State University 

Bozeman, MT 59717 USA

Email: johnchristopherphd@gmail.com

Website: www.montana.edu/ehhd/hhd/facultyandstaff/jchristopher.htm

Areas of major philosophical interest(s): ethics, hermeneutics, phenomenology, and the philosophy of the social sciences

Marius Liviu Ciuraru


Universita A. I. Cuza Iasi Romania

Iasi, Romania

Email: liviu.ciuraru@gmail.com

Website: www.uaic.ro

Area of major philosophical interest(s): secularization and public sphere


Jeremiah Chidozie Chukwuokolo

Department of Philosophy

Ebonyi State University

Abakaliki, Nigeria.


Area of major philosophical interest(s): Philosophy of development, Intercultural philosophy and Philosophy of human right


Asuncion Lera St. Clair

Department of Education and Health Promotion University of Bergen, Norway 

Email: asun.st.clair@sos.uib.no_

Website: www.development-ethics.org

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Development ethics and human rights


Michael V. Cleofe

Meralco Foundation Institute

Student Services Department

Guidance and Counseling Section

Mfi Bldg., Ortigas Avenue Extension, Pasig City

Email: Michael.C@mfi.org.ph

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Moral Theology, Technological Culture, Ethics and Imagination


William W. Clohesy

University of Northern Iowa

Department of Philosophy and Religion

Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0501

Email: william.clohesy@uni.edu

Area of major philosophical interest(s): theoretical ethics; political theory; ethics in business and in public policy; civil society and nonprofit organizations; Kant, Arendt, Dewey 

Oana Cogeanu

Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi

Sat Cercu, Comuna Barnova

Iasi, Romania

Email: oa_na_co@yahoo.com

Website: https://postdoc-uaic.academia.edu/OanaCogeanu

Area of major philosophical interest(s): philosophy of language, literary axiology

Adrian Costache

The Romanian Academy in Iași

Iasi, Romania

Email: johnadriancostache@gmail.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): hermeneutics, deconstruction, historicism, philosophy of education, metaphysics, ontology, Gadamer, Heidegger, Derrida, Paul de Man, Deleuze. 


Brandon Williams Craig

Association Building Community

Berkeley CA

Pacifica Graduate Institute

Berkeley, CA 94704

Email: public@bdwc.net

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Hermeneutics of Jungian and Archetypal Psychologies 




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