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Ma Mengfei

Faculty of Philosophy

Nankai University

Tianjin 300071, China.

Email: mmf830@126.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Political Philosophy, Democratic Theory


Robert Magliola 

Philosophy and Religious Studies,

Abac Assumption U.  (retired)

Graduate School of  Liberal Arts,

National Taiwan U.  (retired)

Seminar Faculty Associate, 

Columbia University Seminar in Buddhist Studies;

Consultant, One Center, 

Ling Jiou Shan Monastery, 

New York City

Email:  magliol@earthlink.net

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Hermeneutics and Deconstruction; Catholic/Buddhist inter-religious dialogue;  Madhyamika Buddhist philosophy  


Choirul Mahfud

The Institute for Religion and Social Studies (LKAS)


Email: mahfudjatim@yahoo.com

Website: www.choirulmahfud.blogspot.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Multiculturalism, Philosophy, Education, Social and Religion


Carlos Eduardo Maldonado-Castañeda

Philosophy Department

Universidad del Rosario

Bogotá, Colombia

Email: carlos.maldonado44@urosario.edu.co

Area of major philosophical interest(s) Contemporary Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Complex systems


Yusuf Abubakar Mamud

National War College

Abuja , Nigeria

Email: yam7323@yahoo.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s) African Philosophy


Claude Mangion

Philosophy Department

University of Malta

Sliema SLM 2010, Malta (Europe)

Email: claude.mangion@um.edu.mt

Area of major philosophical interest(s): philosophy of communication and philosophy of culture


Dedyulina Marina

Department of Philosophy

Taganrog Institute of Technology

Federal State-Owned Educational Establishment of Higher Vocational Education «Southern Federal University»

Taganrog, Rostov Region, 347900, Russia

Email: dedyulina72@mail.ru

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Area of Specialization: Philosophy of SocietyScience/Philosophy of Science. Areas of Competence: Ethics and Science, Technology, and Human Values. Research: the ethical and the social problems in the field of high technology


Barnaby Marsh

New Program Development

The John Templeton Foundation

Radnor, PA  

Email: bmarsh@templeton.org

Area of major philosophical interests: Philosophy


Viachaslau Maseika

Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences

the Belarussian State University

Mailing address: 247760 ,79-3 Proletarskaya st., Mozyr, Belarus.

Email: Viaches_Moseiko@mail.ru

Area of major philosophical interests: Philosophy of Culture, Social Philosophy


Kenneth Cadena Masong

Graduate School of Theology and Faculty of Philosophy

Del Pilar, City of San Fernando, 2000 Pampanga, Philippines

Email: kcmasong@yahoo.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Philosophy of Religion, Metaphysics, Epistemology, Hermeneutics, Modern Philosophy


Francisco Mata-Andrades

Place Strategy Ltd. 

London,  United Kingdom.

Email: F.Mata-Andrades@lse.ac.uk  

Website: www.placestrategy.co.uk

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Phenomenology. Heidegger. Ontology. Taoism. Urban ethics


Paul Mbangwana

University of Yaoundé I

Yaoundé, Cameroon

Email: mbangwana@refinedct.net

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Ethics, Cultural Foundations for Civil society, Hermeneutics


Susana McCune

Clinical Psychology

Antioch University Seattle

Suquamish, WA 98392

Email: susanamccune@mac.com

Areas of major philosophical interest, phenomenology, hermeneutics, philosophical psychology, Continental and Enlightenment Philosophy


Donovan A. McFarlane

Frederick Taylor University

Moraga, CA

Email: donovan@nova.edu

Area of Major Philosophical Interests: Esoteric Philosophy, Higher Consciousness Studies, Metaphysics, Epistemology, and a variety of abstract thoughts


Germain McKenzie-Gonzalez

the Department of Religious Studies

Niagara University (Lewiston, NY)

Waterloo, Canada

Email: gfmckenzie@gmail.com

Website: http://www.linkedin.com/in/germainmckenzie

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Philosophy and Modernity, Philosophy and Post-Modernity, Secularization, Varieties of the Secular


Dale R. Meade

Intercultural Studies and Educational Studies

Rittman, OH 44270

Email: DrDaleMeade@hotmail.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): the social construction of foundational worldviews of belief and value systems


Niyazi Mehdi

Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art

Azerbaijan, Baku

Email: model-court@artel.net.az

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Culture, Policy, civil society


Roman Meinhold


National University Lesotho

Email: roman.meinhhold@gmail.com

Website: www.roman-meinhold.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): philosophy of culture; philosophy of art and aesthetics; practical and applied philosophy/ethics


Irmayanti Meliono

Department of Philosophy

Fac.of Humanities

University of Indonesia


Email: irmayanti_m@yahoo.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Philosophy of culture, Philosophy of Science , metaphysics


Philip M. Merklinger 

Professor (Full), Philosophy

University of Alberta, Augustana Campus

Alberta. Canada

Email: pmm2@ualberta.ca

Area of major philosophical interest(s):  Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Spirituality,  19th and 20th century Continental Philosophy 


Monica Merutiu

Faculty of European Studies

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Email: monica.merutiu@euro.ubbcluj.ro

Website: www.euro.ubbcluj.ro

Areas of interest(s): Philosophy of Religion, The Role of Religion in International Relations, Religion and Globalization


Derek Michaud

Theology, Boston University


Email: derek.a.michaud@maine.edu; dmichaud@bu.edu

Website: https://derekmichaud.wordpress.com/

Area of major philosophical interest(s): philosophy of religion, theology of religions, Platonism


Maria Mikheeva


Moscow State Institute for Tourism Industry

Moscow, Russia

Email: mikh_maria7@mail.ru

Area of major philosophical interest(s): cross-cultural communication, national values, comparative cultural studies


Mara Miller               

E-mail: maramiller@att.net

Website: http://maramiller.home.att.net/ 

Area of major philosophical interest(s): aesthetics, Asian philosophy, philosophy of the person, environmental philosophy, Phenomenology, feminist & psychoanalytic theory


Steven P. Millies

Political Science

University of South Carolina Aiken

Aiken, SC  29801

Email: steven.millies@sc.edu

Area of major philosophical interest(s): political theory, especially the Catholic social and political tradition, with an emphasis on the role of religious mystery as a constitutive element of human relations and social life


Marija Milosevska

Education for Peace and Children Rights;

Ministry of Education and Science, Skopje

Republic of Macedonia

E-mail: mmilosevska@mn.gov.mk


Alexander Mirescu

The New School for Social Research

Berlin Program for Higher German and European Studies/Free University of Berlin

Email: mirea100@newschool.edu

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Comparisons in Religious Policies, Civil Society and Religion, Democratization in Eastern Europe


Florin Mirghesiu  

Babes Bolyai University

Cluj, Romania

Email: mirghesiu@yahoo.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s):  Political philosophy


Ananda Mishra

Department of Philosophy and Religion

Banaras Hindu University

Varanasi-221005, India

Email: anandaphil@gmail.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Advaita vedanta, Phenomenology and Existentialism, Mahayana Budhhism


Sunil Mishra

Dronacharay College of Engineering,

Khentaas, India

Email: doctorsunilmishra@gmail.com


Area of major philosophical interest(s): Hinduism, Sikhism and Western Philosophy


Mohammad Mojahdi Mojahedi

Department of Political Sciences

Mofid University

Qom, Iran

Email: mojahedi50@yahoo.commmojahedi@mofidu.ac.ir

Website: http://www.mofidu.ac.ir

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Analytic Philosophy; Philosophy of Religion, Political Philosophy; Ethical Philosoph


Carlos Arboleda Mora

Universidad Católica del Norte

Medellín, Colombia

Email: carlos.arboleda5@gmail.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): French phenomenology, Medieval mysticism, philosophical theology.


Hugo  Moreno

University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Email: shmoreno@umich.edu

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Latin American thought and literature; hermeneutics.


Liubava Moreva

St. Petersburg Branch of the Russian Institute for Cultural Research

(Russian Federation Ministry of Culture)

St. Petersburg, Russia


Area of major philosophical interest(s): Philosophy of Culture, Religious studies, Hermeneutics and Existential Phenomenology. Publications on Cultural and Historical Types of Rationality; History of Russian Religious Philosophy; Poetics and Rhetoric of Philosophical Text; History of Gnosticism and Gnosis; Dynamics of Mentality in Information Society


Jurate Morkuniene

Department of Philosophy

Mykolas Romeris University

Vilnius, Lithuania

Email: morkuniene.jurate@gmail.com;  vainalt@yahoo.fr;

Website: www.mruni.eu

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Contemporary philosophy; contemporary philosophical cognition; philosophical methodology human rights philosophy; culture of peace philosophical substantiation


Evgeniy Morozov

St. Petersburg State University

St. Petersburg, Russia

Email: evmorozov2012@yandex.ru

Website: http://www.famous-scientists.ru/11099

Area of major philosophical interest(s): transpersonal philosophy. holism, philosophy of consciousness, philosophy of science


Peter K. Mtuamwari

Atlanta Georgia African missionary from Kenya

2576 Alberat lane, Marietta GA 30062

Email: pkmwari45@hotmail.com

Area of major philosophical interests: African tradition Religion and Christian philosophy.


Michaela Mudure

Babes-Bolyai University

Cluj, Romania

Email: mmudure@yahoo.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s) identity, interculturalism, multiculturalism


Robert L. Muhlnickel

University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

Eau Claire, WI 54702

Email: Emailrlmuhlnickel@gmail.com 

Area of major philosophical interest(s) ethics, value theory, social and political philosophy


Anirban Mukherjee

Department of Philosophy

North Bengal University

Siliguri, India

Email: anirban76@gmail.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Wittgenstein, Postmodernism, 20th Century Indian Thought, Philosophy of Culture / Culture of Philosophy


Asha Mukherjee

Department of Philosophy

Visva Bharati

Santiniketan, India

Email: bijoym@santiniketan.org

Area of major philosophical interest(s):

Social philosophy, ethics, logic, analytic philosophy, philosophical logic, gender issues and environmental issues









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