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Robert L. Gallagher

American University of Beirut

Beirut, Lebanon

Email: rg19@aub.edu.lb

Website: http://aub.academia.edu/RobertGallagher

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Ethics, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Human Nature, Political Economy

David I. Gandolfo


Furman University

Greenville, SC  29613
Email: david.gandolfo@furman.ede
Area of major philosophical interest(s) Ethics and Globalization; International Justice; Latin American Liberation Philosophy; African Political Philosophy; Ethics and Socio-Political Philosophy

Marina I. Gaskova

The Department of Social Problems

The (research) Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering

The Russian Academy of Sciences

Novosibirsk State University

Novosibirsk, Russia

Email: mgaskova@yahoo.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): values of people in the contemporary societies, religious studies; integral (holistic) approaches, philosophy of education

Cornelia Margareta Găşpărel

Iasi, Romania

Email: gasparelc@yahoo.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Theoretical and applied ethic, psychology

Kizito Michael George

Department of Philosophy

Makerere University

Kampala, Uganda

Email: Kizitomg@Arts.Mak.Ac.Ug , Kizitomg@Yahoo.Com

Website: Http://Ww2.Mak.Ac.Ug/Arts/Depts/Phil.Html   

Area Of Major Philosophical Interest(s): ethics, gender, globalization, human rights

Siby K. George

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences,

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay,

Mumbai, India

Email: kgsiby@iitb.ac.in

Website: http://www.hss.iitb.ac.in/siby/

Area of major philosophical interest(s): I. Continental Philosophy (Existentialism, Phenomenology, Postmodernism) II. Global Ethics and Development Ethics III. Ethical and Political Debates in Contemporary India

Celestino Gianan


1478-A Nicolas Zamora Street

Manila, Philippines

Email: drcelamgia_phd@yahoo.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): metaphysics, existentialism, process philosophy, philosophical theology

Nicolito A. Gianan

Department of Humanities

College of Arts And Sciences

University of The Philippines Los Baños

College, Laguna, Philippines

Email: nagi27@yahoo.comdrnicgia@gmail.com

Patrick Giddy

Philosophy Department,

Univ of Durban Westville,

Durban South Africa

Email: pgiddy@mweb.co.za

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Ethics and Identity

Chrysoula Gitsoulis

Adjunct Asst Professor of Philosophy

 Dept of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

City College, City University of New York

Staten Island, NY, USA

Email: cgitsoulis@gradcenter.cuny.edu

Website: https://ccny-cuny.academia.edu/ChrysoulaGitsoulis

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Moral and political philosophy, Ancient Greek philosophy

Mark Glasgow

English Language School Owner

Doctor of Naturopathy, & Psychotherapist

Tubarão - SC, Brazil

Email: doutorglasgow@gmail.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): epistemology, metaphysics, and ontology, especially the phenomenological ontology of Gaudiya Vaishnava Vedanta, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, and philosophy of education, with a special interest in clinical philosophy, psychological philosophy, and psychoanalytical-philosophical interaction in the exploration of existential, ethical, social and cultural issues. 

Sholom Glouberman


Toronto ON, Canada          

Email:  sholom@glouberman.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): philosophy of health, Culture and health, Mortality and aging, Philosophy and management

Vasil Gluchman

Institute of Philosophy and Ethics

Presov University, SK-080 78 Presov, Slovakia

Email: gluchmanv@yahoo.co.uk

Website:  www.ff.unipo.sk/kfil/eng

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Ethics, Applied Ethics, Philosophy of Biology, History of Ethics

Hafiz Nazeem MI Goolam

Department of Jurisprudence

University of South Africa

Pretoria, South Africa

E-mail: goolanmi@unisa.ac.za

Douglas Green

Religious Studies

University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
Independent Scholar

Brunswick, Maine

Email: greendouglasp@hotmail.co.uk 

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Moral Philosophy, Ethics, Confucianism, Buddhism, Philosophy of Religion, Value Theory and Religious Studies.

Rolando M. Gripaldo

Philosophy Department,

De La Salle University,

Manila, Philippines

Email: gripaldor@dlsu.edu.ph

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Contemporary Philosophy, Analytic and Continental), Philosophy of Culture, and Filipino Philosophy

Vasiliy Gritsenko

Philosophy Department

Krasnodar State University of Culture and Arts

Krasnodar, Russia, Postal code 350072

Email: postmodernist@mail.ru, grbasile@narod.ru 

Guang Xing

Centre of Buddhist Studies

The University of Hong Kong

May Hall, Pokfulam Road

Hong Kong


Area of major philosophical interest(s): Buddhism and Chinese Philosophy  

Kirill Nikolaevich Gubanov

Department of Philosophy

Moscow Pedagogical State University

Russian Federation, Moscow

E-mail: unona.s@vologda.ru ; 333kirill@mail.ru

Area of major philosophical interest(s):  1. General-theoretical problems of gobalization; 2. Humanitarian and phylosophical aspects of globalization; 3. Western and eastern conceptions of globalization: epistemological and methodological analysis 

Katrin de Guia

Ph.D Psychology, University of the Philippines, Founder / President: Heritage and Arts Academies of the Philippines Inc. (H.A.P.I. Foundation)

Baguio City, Philippines

Email: katadegu@gmail.com

Areas of Philosophical Interest(s): Indigenous Psychology, Indigenous Mind, Values Education, Cross Cultural Dialogue, East West Exchange, Spirituality

Guo Li Juan

School of Philosophy and Social Development

Shan Dong University

Jinan, Shan Dong, PR China


Area of major philosophical interest(s): Yi-Ology Philosophy 

Sandeep Gupta

Organization Management & Development Consultancy

Asia e University, Malaysia

New Delhi, India

Email: Sandeep1956@Gmail.Com

Area of Major Philosophical Interest(S): (1) Indian Tradition & In Particular Sant Mat, (2) Integration of Modern Management Principles & Spirituality for Holistic Societal Growth











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