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 February 23-24

 Washington, D.C.

 In Search of Culturally Based Civil Society

(Photo Gallery)

 April 19-21

 Moscow, Russia

 Philosophy and Spirituality across Cultures and Religious Traditions: The New Generation 

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 May 25-27 

 Wuhan, P.R. China

Transcendence and Immanence in Confucianism and Christianity

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May 29-30

 Wuhan, P.R. China

 Dialogue and Cooperation among Cultures and Civilizations

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 June 2-3

 Beijing, P.R. China

 Traditional Values and Virtues in Social Life Today 

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 June 7-8

 Ulan-Ude, Russia

 Interrelation of Eurasian Cultures in a Global Age

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August 10-12 

 Pune, India

 Tradition, Freedom and Development: Hermeneutic Appropriations

 September 13-14

 Poznan, Poland

 Identities and Modernization 

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 November 1-3

 Johannesburg, South Africa

 Humanities and Social Sciences in an African Context: Education for Life

 Thomisms in Contemporary Africa 

November 5-6


 Durban, South Africa 

 Religion, Value, and a Secular Culture

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November 8-9


 Cape Town, South Africa

 Religion and Philosophy in the African Context 

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November 12-13 

 Harare, Zimbabwe

 Philosophy, Tradition and Progress in Africa

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 November 15-16

Addis Abba, Ethiopia 

Global Challenges and the Vocation of Philosophy

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 November 19-20

 Kampala, Uganda

 Africa in the Emerging New World Order: Development , Culture and the State 

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