RVP International Conferences 2014

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International Conferences















April 24-25


Moscow, Russia


Islam as Unity in Plurality





May 8-9



Manila, Philippines


Religion, Values, Identity and the ASEAN Integration


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May 11-12


Jakarta, Indonesia


Extremism and Social Peace





May 15-16



Sivas, Turkey


Religion and Relations between Culture: Peace beyond Violence 


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June 15-16



Vienna, Austria


Faith in a Secular Age


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June 17-18



Klaipeda, Lithuania


Identity and Globalization: Ethical Implications


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June 21-22



Iasi, Romania


Values and Identity in Today's World


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October 18-19



Tehran, Iran


The Role of Religion in Reducing Violence in Human Relationships


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December 15-16


Shanghai, P.R. China


Philosophy and Life World


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December 18-19


Yangzhou, P.R. China


Reconstruction of Values and Morality in Global Times


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December 22-23


Shangyang, P.R. China


Values Conflict and Consensus in the Cultural Diversity


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